When we started, how we evolved, and our major milestones - in a nutshell.

"When we conceived the college in 1975, it was to solve the shortage of top class facilities for higher education in Hyderabad. Loyola today has exceeded our wildest dreams. It was, of course, God's will."

- Rev Fr T. Baliah SJ

Rev Fr Baliah SJ founded the Loyola Academy in 1976

Background | Loyola's genesis

Loyola Academy (LA) is managed and administered by the Andhra Jesuit Province, belonging to the Society of Jesus, an international Catholic Religious Order. Loyola Academy Degree and Post Graduate College as well as Loyola Academy Junior College were founded by Rev Fr T. Baliah SJ, in 1976 in Alwal, Secunderabad, Telangana, India.

Original Plan

After the immense success of Loyola Chennai the Andhra Jesuit Province decided to intensify its efforts and focus on setting up a world class academy at Hyderabad. Hence, the idea of Loyola Academy was born. The support received from Loyola Chennai alumni and other sources only strengthened the project.

An Effusion of Support

Many alumni, from Loyola Chennai, came forward to lend a hand in the making of this Academy. These influential alumni knew the importance of setting up a state-of-the-art college in Hyderabad and proactively participated in the inception of Loyola Academy.

Big Help From Unexpected Quarters

Noble causes attract help from others and the LA project was no exception. Education being the noblest of causes attracted many supporters who helped build the LA campus. These supporters from the government and non-government sectors shared a vision common with the Andhra Jesuit Province.

Milestones | Our journey

Loyola as ascent in the Indian, and especially Hyderabad's, educational sphere has been storied. We received several accolades as we reached where we are today - here are just a few milestones:

  • 1976

    Loyola Academy Junior College is established.

  • 1978

    Loyola UG & PG College takes shape.

  • 1992

    The University Grants Commission accorded autonomous status to Loyola Academy's UG wing.

  • 2005

    National Accreditation and Assessment Council accredited Loyola Academy and awarded 'A' grade.

  • 2006

    The University Grants Commission bestowed Loyola Academy with the prestigious title 'College with Potential for Excellence'.

  • 2010

    The University Grants Commission accorded autonomous status to Loyola Academy's PG wing.

  • 2011
    1. National Accreditation and Assessment Council re-accredited Loyola Academy and awarded 'A' grade with a stunning 3.5 out of 4 CGPA.
    2. The University Grants Commission conferred Loyola with Potential for Excellence (Phase II).