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The list of degree courses and post graduate courses offered by Loyola Academy, Hyderabad


"Each of our courses are rethought from scratch each year, based on new developments in the domain, the inputs of industry leaders, and feedback from students. But of course, that’s just how it ought to be."

- Rev. Fr. Dr. Pothireddy Anthony, SJ Principal

Foundation Courses

| Only the highest values are imparted and inculcated
In accordance with Loyola's vision, the academy has created 4 courses that inculcate and impart the highest values. These values are not only useful in personal life but also serve as a strong foundation for careers. Our foundation courses are currently all offered on campus, and are split into 4 categories:
  1. 01 English

    The objective of this course is to enhance the learners’ communication skills by giving adequate exposure in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and the related sub-skills. The course also strengthens grammar, enhances vocabulary and refines their comprehension. The course also develops oral and written communication skills among the students so that their employability enhances and English becomes the medium of their livelihood and personality.

  2. 02 Value Education

    The purpose of this course is to make students become aware of the good and evil present within and around them and enable them to move from evil to good; to enable them to be culturally conscious and socially sensitive; to make them aware of mass media and its positive and negative impact; to make them aware of their fundamental rights and duties; to help them become aware of the importance of holistic health and to sensitize them regarding some health hazards; to clarify some basic issues of life and make them responsible towards the betterment of society.

  3. 03 Indian Culture

    The objective of this course is to make students understand the composite culture of India and also provide the knowledge about various religious philosophies, arts and the contributions of our ancestors. This course also helps students prepare to face competitive exams wherein the questions of Indian culture are covered.

  4. 04 Environmental Studies

    The college aims to create environmentally aware citizens. Through this course the students are exposed to theoretical knowledge and practical know-how in various environmental issues and solutions like Eco-Systems, Biodiversity, Environmental pollutants, natural resources and renewable energy solutions.

Check out the full list and extensive details of our under graduate courses and post graduate courses.

Academic Courses

| A complete list of degree and PG courses
Loyola currently offers 23 courses, each one redesigned in the new academic year. Indeed, whatever course you pick, you can be assured that it incorporates the latest curriculum in accordance with the expectations and trends of the industry.
  1. Created in 1978 to tap into the huge opportunity in the chemical industry, expected to explode further now.

  2. Starting from 1983, this course provides great talent for India's most crucial and intellect-deficient sectors.

  3. Offered since 1988, this course provides engineering-quality talent to industry in just 3 years, and at lower costs.

  4. Since its inception in 1991, the students of this course have always been in demand and will always be.

  5. Since 1991, this course provides highly skilled man-power for a highly specialised industry.

  6. Commenced in 1994, this course provides a talent pool with in-depth knowledge about computer systems.

  7. Since its beginnings in 1991, the students of this course have a knack to sell.

  8. Started in 2001, this course provides exclusive intellect for an elusive industry.

  9. Since its beginnings in 2003, this course provides leaders in all aspects of trade and commerce.

  10. Beginning in 2004, this course offers a niche talent pool for a niche industry.

  11. Fastest growing industry requires the smartest pool and this course, started in 2004, offers just that.

  12. Immense possibilities for the truly gifted students of this course which started in 2006.

  13. Developing genius through this course since 2007.

  14. Artists and creators for the highly paid enterprise from 2008 onwards.

  15. This course began in 2010 and provides essential knowledge for the enterprising individual.

  16. Offers a talent pool, with intellect and the art of managing a business, from the year 2011.

  17. 17 B.Com. International Accounting & Finance

    Enables students to have good fundamental knowledge of Accounting, Taxation, Law, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Management Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting and Finance.

  18. 18 B.Sc. Computer Data Science & Analytics Engineering

    This course integrated with latest technologies like ERP, BI to deal with Big Data sets using Data Science and Data Analytics Engineering to help Decision-making easy in big business and industries.

  19. 19 B.Com (Hons) Strategic Finance

    Introduced in the academic year 2018-19

  20. 20 B.Com Business Process Management

    Introduced in the academic year 2018-19

  21. 21 B.Sc. Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

    Introduced in the academic year 2018-19

  22. PG Courses
  23. Tech-savvy pool for the mega-corporations since 1993.

  24. Provides essential aptitude to manage business from 2001 onwards.

  25. Offers skilled pool, from the year 2003, to talent hungry industries.

  26. Immense growth in the near future, that's why we started in 2006.

  27. Beginning from 2013, the talent offered by this course is all set to grow along-with this fast paced industry.

Each course has a dedicated head and is backed by the college's world-class academic infrastructure.

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