What you get to learn at Loyola, and why and how.

"We are great at many things, but academics is what we are greatest at."

-Rev. Fr. Dr. L. Joji Reddy SJ, Principal
Introduction to Loyola | Welcome to academics at Loyola

Academics forms the core of the Loyola Academy mission, and we offer truly a world-class experience. Across our courses, infrastructure, faculty and evaluation methods, students are exposed to the very best of collegiate education. Just a few numbers summarizing academics at Loyola:



From all statures across society



Across the UG and PG categories


Support Staff

Dedicated to supporting students in every way



Each highly competent and committed

Teaching at Loyola is marked by a high focus on connecting with the students and starting off from where they currently are, rather than from where they ought to be. We call it being human.

College Activities Report 2009-2020
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Courses | A summary of our academic offerings

Loyola offers an array of courses across the arts and sciences, spanning various periods of administration. Our courses are currently all offered on campus, and are split into 3 categories:

  • Loyola offers 23 under-graduate courses, resulting in award of the B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc. degrees

  • We also offer 7 post-graduate courses, resulting in award of the M.C.A., M.B.A. and M.Sc. degrees

  • The college offers foundation courses which aim to build character in an individual

Pedagogy | The Loyola teaching philosophy and approach

Loyola Academy applies Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP), i.e.,Learning through Context, Experience, Reflection, Action and Evaluation. The paradigm reminds faculty to build a reflective practice where students attempt to make meaning of their learning and then move into action on what they have learned and evaluate the success of the action to change their lives, by developing students' knowledge as well as skills, guiding them to grow in wisdom and harmony, nurturing in them a deep sense of right values, directing them in fostering healthy relationships, celebrating with the diverse forms of faiths and culture, thus enabling them to develop as Holistic individuals.

Our teaching philosophy is encapsulated in the 4 “C”s:


    / Being and becoming responsible for one’s life is the fundamental dimension of competence. LA is committed to making its students confident and aim at training students as ‘leaders of quality’ with corporate social responsibility.


    / Conscience is the in-depth perception of what is right and wrong. It is an integral part of human nature and a process of discernment. LA helps the students to have clarity of mind and purity of heart by going through a discernment process in setting their goals and life ambitions.


    / LA desires its students to realize that learning is their responsibility and that they should be committed to learning more than anything else.


    /Compassion is a blend of feeling and action. LA expects the students to succeed together and desires its students to achieve greatness that contributes to the growth of society.