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"The amalgamation of diverse people, including experienced staff and dynamic students, is the crucial reason for the success of the IQAC."

- Mr. P V R S Prasad Dean of Developmental Affairs


| Introduction to IQAC
The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a strategic initiative by Loyola to ensure consistency and quality in all aspects of the functioning of the Academy. The IQAC meets frequently to take action on various aspects such as:

Procedures and Evaluation standards

The IQAC discusses procedures and processes to ensure smooth functioning in the campus. Evaluation standards for students and faculty are also discussed and decided upon.

Training & Development

IQAC focuses not only on the training and development of students but also faculty and non teaching staff. It plans and executes various training programs across the Academy.

Further Reading

You can read further about the IQAC and its activities in the annual reports.

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