Alumini meet - 2019

Loyola continues to be among the best parts of your life long after. Here’s how.

"I got my last 2 jobs, and 4 big sales deals, through the Loyola network. I have paid it forward, too."

- Ravindra Kakollu (2003), Godrej Boyce
A Huge Network | Some key facts and stats

One of the great positives about graduating from the 35-year-old Loyola Academy with 1,200 new pass-outs each year is being part of an exceptionally large and powerful alumni network

Loyola’s alumni straddle all spheres of activity - management, government, journalism, arts, sports, academics - and form a remarkably influential network. A few statistics:



Dedicated support for Alma Mater


Each year

They are always ready to help


10+ years

Well placed with 10+ years of experience


Regular gathering

Regular interactions across the country

Loyola’s efforts at keeping track of all alumni have made our alumni chapter one of the largest anywhere.

A Close Community | Life as part of the alumni network

It’s not, however, just how big the Loyola alumni chapter is that is notable - it is how active and vibrant it is. Our alumni are constantly interacting with others, and there are several events and meetups.

Thanks to Loyola’s use of the best technology to help its alumni engage with each other and stay in touch, our old boys and girls find it extremely easy and rewarding to stay together. And get a lot of things done.

Here are just a few characteristics of the Loyola alumni network:

  • FREQUENT CITY MEETS / All top cities have active alumni chapters meeting regularly
  • VIBRANT FORUM / State-of-the-art alumni lists enable you to search detailed profiles and email the entire community!
  • CAREER SUPPORT / Loyola alumni are everywhere and in senior positions - and they love to help co-alumni!
  • CAUSES & VOLUNTEERING / Plenty of Loyola alumni in each city come together to support specific causes
Join Now! | Connect with old mates, make new friends

If you are a Loyola alumnus, signing up for the Loyola alumni network is a 2-minute process. Just click here (Loyola uses the community platform for its alumni network). Once in, there’s a whole host of things you can do:

  • 01 Discover Loyola alumni

    See rich profiles of Loyola pass-outs - with photos, career graphs and more!

  • 02 Contact anyone directly

    In a click of a button you can send an email to anyone here.

  • 03 Get career support / see job listings

    Our powerful alumni can help others find jobs in some of the biggest and hottest companies.

  • 04 Request volunteers

    Got a project that needs a few extra hands? Just post a message to, like, everyone!

  • 05 Plan events

    Want to meet up and do stuff? Propose and plan targeted events in a few clicks.

  • 06 Participate in discussions / forums

    Our incredible technology allows you to create targeted threads, and do it all straight from your email.

  • 07 Bring new people to the list

    Know someone who is missing out? Inviting them is very simple.

  • 08 Request help for anything

    A massive community means there's someone for just anything.

If you are not already part of it, join the community now ! And yes, do let us know how much you love your alma mater - here's what hundreds of others have written!