Life at Loyola is much beyond academics - our students grow every day, and love it all.

"At Loyola, sport is as much about camaraderie as it is about competition. You cheer just as energetically even if you did not make the team."

- Hemanth, BA Psychology, Class of 2020
Introduction | Loyola outside the classroom

Student life at Loyola is a mixture of great friendships built in recesses and playgrounds (and sometimes during lectures, too!), and of addicitive co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Non-classroom activities on campus include a variety of voluntary options, in various genres:

  • 01 Student clubs and cells
  • 02 NCC, NSS and social outreach activities
  • 03 Literary, cultural and technology activities / competitions
  • 04 Sports

While students organize all events themselves, the college actively promotes these activities, and incentivizes participation.

Lit-Cul-Tech | Literary, cultural and technical events

The Loyola campus has always been a hotbed of artistic, and increasingly, technological pursuits. Our students live in an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures artistic capability, and glamourises achievement.Top events on our campus:

  • 01 Resonance

    Resonance, the annual Loyola student cultural festival, gets an enthusiastic response from its students for its raft of competitions, cultural activities, professional shows and more. It is one of the city's top college festivals.

  • 02 Lab X

    Loyola's annual technical event, Lab X Genemics, attracts participants from every corner of the campus. This event has competitions like power-point & poster presentations, debate, treasure hunt, cultural displays of talent etc.

  • 03 Lenzcape

    Every year the students of the Mass Communication department conduct a photography competition and exhibition. This event attracts the most talented photographers from the city and is presided by eminent photographers from across the globe.

While these are the big, scheduled events, several impromptu events are on round the year. Prizes won at Loyola are deemed by the industry as the gold standard.

Mentoring | Teachers and mentors

Each faculty has the responsibility to mentor a group of students. The students are coached not only on academic activities but also on extra curricular activities.Every student undergoes this program with outstanding results.

The mentor guides the student about personal growth, goals, spiritual guidance and academic excellence. Here are some features of the mentoring program:

  • 01 Personal Goals & growth

    The faculty helps the student identify his or her personal goal and motivates the student to grow by participating in cultural, sports and extra curricular activities.

  • 02 Coaching progress

    The mentor tracks the students progress on a regular basis. The progress is shared with the student which encourages them to do even better.

  • 03 Feedback process

    The Academy adopts a 360 degree feedback progress wherein the student also provides feedback on the faculty. It is a win win situation for everybody.

Loyola's mentoring program is at par with the latest corporate standards and the faculty are well trained and experienced.