How Loyola rewards top performance by its students and staff

"All the opportunities to win made me finally overcome my inhibitions, and compete. It was the greatest thing I ever did."

- D. Avinash , B. A Mass Communication, Class of 2018
Introduction | Our awards philosophy and categories

Loyola believes that recognition is the key fuel driving excellence. It is this philosophy that has led us to institute a large variety of awards for performance in diverse areas of the academic journey - program-related, co-curricular, and extra-curricular. Here is the current list of categories that we offer awards and honours in:

  • 01 Monetary scholarships and other awards based on academic performances
  • 02 Prizes for extraordinary performances in sports
  • 03 Prizes for displaying leadership
  • 04 Prizes for all-round performances

Across these categories, Loyola currently gives out numerous awards each year to staff and students.

All Awards | A list of all prizes and recognition by Loyola

Loyola has recognised the efforts of numerous individuals in the spheres of academics, sports, extra-ordinary achievements etc. Here are the categories of awards this year:

  1. 01 Merit scholarships for academic achievers

    These are given at the beginning of each academic year to toppers of each batch of the previous year. Amounts range from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000.

  2. 02 Prizes for achievements in sports

    Various gifts are given to students who excel at sports at the state, national, and international levels.

  3. 03 Prizes for extraordinary achievements

    Loyola gives trophies to extra-ordinary individuals who have had the conviction to achieve great things.

Most awards are announced without individuals needing to apply. Where students/staff do need to apply, they will be duly informed.