World-class facilities that make an education at Loyola what it is

"Many people say that we are the best in resources, but we are determined to get much better."

- Fr A. Stanislaus, Provincial
Infrastructural Highlights | Some stand-out features of Loyola

It is Loyola's goal to provide world-class resources to its students. We constantly work to enhance what we have even if we are already on par with some of the best. Some reasons we are ranked among the top campuses:


  • 132 acres of area
  • Wide tar roads
  • Ample parking
Students of Loyola on the main walkway
Our huge landscape, with its 1,000 trees and a breezy ambience, is loved by all.

Our students don’t flock to the canteen during free time. They have a whole ecosystem in which to socialize, learn, and explore.


  • 6 specialised blocks
  • Wide corridors & walkways
  • Facilities galore
The Inigo complex and its alter ego statue
The 6 blocks dotting the Loyola landscape spell both sleekness and function.

Every building is constructed to meet specific academic needs. A mathematics lab with state-of-the-art software, libraries for every department, recording facilities, and more.


  • 38,000+ titles
  • 250 added every month
  • 10,000+ sft of space
All the books they need, right here.
The Loyola library is regarded as one of Hyderabad’s largest.

A vast number of titles and an accomplished library faculty - our students have all the material they need. Whether for information or recreation, they never run out of food for thought.


  • 60 systems
  • Latest linguistic software
  • Practical psychology
All learning tools included
The Arts here go beyond theoretical drubbing. Much, much beyond.

Our laboratories allow students to delve into the depths of subjects. Practical work with state-of-the-art equipment benefits the Humanities as much as the Sciences.


  • Agricultural farms & vineyards
  • Bakery & processing Plants
  • Greenhouse
The much needed practical experience is given here.
Food science does not work only within labs. Our kids learn firsthand in a natural milieu.

Students are given access to quality control labs, instructional farms & orchards, an automatic weather station, chocolate and food processing plants, and several infrastructural benefits they would not get outside the industry.


  • Boarding facility
  • Exclusive Sports facilities
  • State of the art common rooms
A home away from home with green surroundings
Space is never compromised upon, both within and outside the hostel.

The Loyola Boys' hostel provides accommodation for 115 students. Students are given adequate facilities including a state of the art study room, Hygienic bath areas and wash rooms, modernized kitchen and a dedicated sports arena and playground for the hostel dwellers.