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Our philosophy of testing and feedback, and how it helps


"Evaluation at Loyola is a process of helping students find what they need to improve in. It is not about showing them their place in the class."

- Mr. V. Jagadhish Controller of examinations UG


| The systems of evaluation
Regular Theory Exams Time Table April 2019

Supplementary Theory Exams Time Table April 2019

Regular Practical Exam Time Table 2018-19

Supplementary Practical Exam Time Table 2018-19

Traditionally, Loyola has always wondered about the use of the word "examination". We would not do away with it, of course, since we are affiliated to and part of a system, but we believe that test performances are feedback we receive on our own administration of our programs, and that our evaluation is not a performance rating, but well-meaning advice.

It is this philosophy that guides all of evaluation at Loyola. We have adopted a Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) method to go along with the standard Semester-End System. Although there are various tests for different courses, these are some common methods for evaluation:
  1. 01 Weekly Assignments

    Held once every week, comprise 15 marks

  2. 02 Mid-Semesters

    Makes for 25 marks

  3. 03 Other Markers

    Include viva voce, seminars, attendance & assessments, and are allotted 20 marks

  4. 04 Semester-End Exams

    Held in October and March, these are scored on 60 marks.

Practical exams are held each year in March for the relevant courses. Final examinations are held during the months of March & April.


| University-mandated Rules
To successfully qualify for the evaluation processes and to then receive a degree after our full-time programs, students need to follow these rules stipulated by the Osmania University:
  • 01
    Each student needs to have a minimum of 75% attendance - excellent attendance is rewarded via marks
  • 02
    A course is considered completed upon scoring a minimum of 40% on CIA, 40% on SEE theory, and 50% on SEE practicals
  • 03
    Re-examinations are not conducted except under extraordinary circumstances and at the Principal’s discretion
  • 04
    The SEE will be in the form of a comprehensive written examination for each course at the end of the semester and most of the subjects have practical exams too

Please note that these rules may change from time to time as determined by the College and the University.

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