Student Council

Loyola students drive campus life

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." – Mother Teresa

The Student Council at Loyola Academy Degree and P.G. College is a body of student representatives who work along with the management acting as a bridge between the students and the administrative authorities. For the past years, student council members have been playing significant roles in conducting and organizing events at college level. Student Representatives are selected from the UG and PG courses in the college. The student council consists of around 80-100 members per year. The students are nominated from each department of UG & PG and there is a screening test to assess their knowledge about the college. The selected students are asked to speak impromptu. This process is followed by a final round of interview. The students who excel in all the rounds and stand out from the others are selected as council members. These students who are diligent & responsible are capable of balancing academics and their duties as student council members, well enough. They live up to the mark in the academic area as well as co-curricular activities. The student council members are headed by the Head Boy and Head Girl at both UG and PG level respectively.

The student council works round the clock and organizes various events on the occasions like Teachers day, Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc… They also initiate events or talk sessions for Haritha Haram, Women’s day, Elections etc… The student council is a body that has representation in the Academic and Administrative Committees. The Head Boy and Head Girl of both UG and PG are student representatives for the Academic Council meetings that are organized every year. Their views and opinions are put forth and considered to be of utmost importance. They are also a part of IQAC/ AQAR committee and play a major role throughout the year. The student council members are also included in the committees of Resonance – Annual Intra-College Cultural, Literary And Fine Arts Fest. They are divided based on their portfolios into various committees present for the organization of Resonance such as Steering Committee, Documentation, Event, Risk Management, etc… The student council has representation in the committees for College Day and Awards Day. They play a major role in organizing and carrying forward of such events.

The Student Council with no doubt remains the major body that helps the college function in all ways to reach out to the other students and also helps the various other committees of the college such as Women’s Cell, NSS, NCC, etc... They have been the backbone of the college for years and will continue to be so. They are active right from the day they are declared as leaders chosen to lead the college. Such a student council comes a blessing and the members of the council work as a team in parallel with the management to make college a better place for the students and staff.



Head Boy and Head Girl:
The Head Boy and the Head Girl are the Torch Bearers of the student council.
They act as a liaison between the management and other students of the college.
They look into the effective functioning of the student body in organizing and conducting events throughout the year.
They make sure every student’s opinion and interest are put forth and all the necessary requirements are initiated towards better development of the college.
Everything that takes place within the student council makes way through the Head Boy and Head Girl.
The Head Boy and Head Girl are the student representatives for various statutory bodies functioning in the college.

Fine Arts Secretaries:
The Fine Arts Secretaries lead the college choir.
They select the best singers out of all the students in the college through auditions.
Every singing related event is handled by them and their team.

Cultural Secretaries:
The Cultural Secretaries look into the cultural activities of the college mainly dance, drama, etc...
They form teams of well trained dancers and dramatists selected from the entire college.
They make sure all the cultural activities take place within time and practice takes place earnestly.

Literary Secretaries:
The Literary Secretaries are the Master of Ceremonies for most of the events.
They select students who are well versed with English and have the talent to entertain the audience and keep them glued.

Documentation Heads:
The Documentation Heads make reports and write articles on every event that takes place in the entire college.
They document all the important paper works and reports required.
They handle the attendance of the council and students while they work for college events.

Hospitality Heads:
The Hospitality Heads look into the decorations and arrangements that must be done during a college event.
They make sure all the necessary refreshments and requirements of the guests are met before an event starts.

Media Heads:
The Media Heads act as a link between the college and the various media organizations.
They make sure every event that happens in the college level is reported for the next day’s daily publication.
They also work in coordination with the management to handle the college website.

Official Photographers:
The Official Photographers form an important part of the council.
Every event must not only be documented in writing but also in pictures. The Official Photographers of the college handle the photography and videography of every event.
They make sure all the events are covered and recorded for future purpose.

RJ Heads:
The RJs of Loyola Academy hold power to bring people together.
They stimulate ones mind by entertaining them with a wide range of music and providing tips on day to day relatable issues for students.

Website Heads:
The Eebsite Heads look into the college website.
All the events and activities that happen in the campus are written and updated in the website by them. They act as a bridge to communicate with the college. They are approachable anytime.

Placement Heads:
Through Loyola, placements provide a platform where Loyolites are one step closer to their goals.
Placement Heads play a hand by conducting various placement drives and scheduling interviews with various companies every academic year.

Clubs Secretaries:
One of the best practices of the college is to conduct Clubs every year. The functioning of these clubs is undertaken by the Club Secretaries who work with Club in-charges to make sure the smooth functioning of the Clubs.
They maintain a record of the Clubs and provide important working details regarding the clubs.
They organize dates and classes for the clubs along with the management.
They also take care of the allotment of students into the club preferred by the students.

Event Heads:
The Event Heads look into the planning and detailing of every event.
They prepare schedules and program sheets for all the events.
They arrange the hall and look into the necessary requirements of an event like Banner, Sound systems, etc...

Creative Heads:
The creative heads design every event’s banner and posters.
They give look and makeover to every event.
They make events and sessions look attractive with the kind of creativity they impart.

Sports Secretaries:
The Sports Secretaries lead the sport contingent.
They handle all the games and events that take place inside the college.
They represent the college along with their team at College, State and National level.

Discipline Heads:
The Discipline Heads help the college in maintaining the decorum and discipline of the college.
They make sure all events are conducted hassle free.
They lead Asst. Discipline Coordinators who help them in controlling and minding the crowd during events.
They also make sure that no student violates the college rules and regulations.

Discipline Coordinators:
The Discipline Coordinators are a team of student council members who are led by the Discipline Heads.
They work along with them in handling and managing the crowd.
They also make sure that none of the students violate college rules.
They are an important body of student council members who play a vital role in the functioning of the council.
They are given duties and responsibilities that represent their capabilities.

Each year, based on several factors, the Loyola Academy managing committee appoints student leaders who plan and execute most of the campus co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The current student body: