The College has initiated various competitive examinations to enhance the capability of students who are willing and interested to prepare for competitive examinations. The guidance courses offered by the college help the students prepare diligently for the competitive exams. The syllabi of such courses adhere to the point of view from which the competitive exams are held. The basic categories of questions that are asked for such exams are explained and taught in length. These courses offer an overall development of language and other subject wise skills to the students who to study the course.


    The main Aim of Career Counselling is to help the students to choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their job expectations. With the help of career counselling, most students end up choosing the right career and perform their level best, which ultimately helps them succeed. Academic Excellence is often a pursuit that put students in the race to get good grades, making them engrossed in their activities that they dangerously ignore the importance of orienting themselves towards a career path.
    Career Counselling helps the students to understand their strengths and weakness. It helps them to work on their short comings and prepares them to face interviews. These sessions make sure the students are well prepared to face the outside world and help them to understand the work culture of the companies. Students are benefitted with this kind of sessions that enable them to have a better understanding of career options suited for their education level and make them capable of achieving their first career. It is a tool which can be very effective in allowing students to realize their true potential and find work that aligns with them their aptitude and skill.
    Placement cell organizes career counselling sessions for all the students especially final years on regular intervals .Professionals from various industries visit the college and groom the students in various career skills ,which includes body language, soft skills etc. At times even mock interviews are conducted to give a feel of real interviews.


    The development of soft skills has become important in today’s fast growing world. The students at the college are taught to communicate and interact at a professional level. The qualities of confidence and critical thinking are developed making the students better at soft skills. Soft skill development courses inculcate ethical attitude towards others and also help in the nurturing of better interpersonal skills. Much of the communication related activities are developed and taught to students who are willing and interested to enhance their skills.


    Remedial coaching is undertaken by individual lecturers of each department to provide some extra academic help to slow learners and those students who have been observed to score consistently low marks in the internal examinations. These students are re-taught parts of the syllabus that they could not follow in the classes. Certain additional assignments and tests are administered to them to ascertain their progress in learning the concepts that they could not master during the class lectures and continuous internal assessments. These classes are generally held in the sixth hour. Students lacking in confidence to ask questions during class hours also benefit from these classes as they are able to put forth their queries freely in smaller groups. An important skill that students with poor writing skills learn during these classes is the art of organizing the points in an essay-type answer as per the requirements of the question. Remedial coaching has been shown to improve the performance of those students who struggle to keep up with the demands of the syllabus in the semester system


    The programme enhances linguistic skills while improving communication, with an emphasis on phonetics for language fluency. It encourages sound listening and speaking abilities. Reading comprehension makes sure students utilise their analytical and interpretive abilities. Practical exercises provide ample opportunities to practice language and grammar skills. The demonstration of sentence formation provides clarity of usage of grammatical elements. Lab hours also facilitate pronunciation and conversational proficiency through Jam sessions, Seminars and Debates.


    TA bridge course is offered by the English Department to First year students of all departments to improve their communication skills in English. Considering the diverse backgrounds from which the students come and the difficulties they often face in English communication, this three weeks long course is designed to help them overcome basic barriers in communication in the English language. The course aims at aiding the students in learning to listen to lectures in English effectively and comprehend them properly, speaking fluently so as to be able to express the basic concepts of their respective subjects in a coherent manner, reading and interpreting information in English, and writing clearly and concisely. Students coming from rural backgrounds and those who face minor challenges with language are particularly able to benefit from this course.


    Personal counselling sessions are undertaken by the professional counsellor appointed by the college. The counsellor helps students with problems during their stay in the college. Counselling is a collaborative effort between the counsellor and the client. This kind of collaboration helps the clients identify goals and potential solutions to the problems which cause emotional turmoil, seek to improve communication and coping skills, strength self-esteem and promote behaviour change and optimal mental health. The counsellor serves as an empathetic listener. The counsellor analyses the problems of the students and takes a standardized psychological method to treat the student. The students might face emotional turbulence due to various problems like depression, abuse, harassment, family problems etc… The counsellor provides guidance and advice on solving the problems through the counselling sessions. The information shared by the students during the personal counselling sessions is kept confidential and dealt with compassionately. The ethical and legal limitations of counselling are discussed well in advance with the student during the first meet. The Counselling Cell of the college takes care of all the counselling related activities. They make up the core body that deals with issues faced by the students and provide early interventions, help and support to them.


    Yoga is defined as a physical, mental and spiritual practice which has its roots in ancient India. Yoga is practised widely around the world for around thousand years and has developed various interpretations. Yoga mainly is stretching exercises to build flexibility and relax the body and mind. The college has initiated to conduct yoga and meditation to encourage students for living a healthy and balanced life. The yoga classes have been helpful and supportive to the students. Meditation classes have helped the students use techniques of mindfulness and train their mental ability to concentrate their attention on a particular subject or thought. These classes have rendered physical, mental and spiritual growth of the students who have attended and were enrolled for these classes.