"The DNA to contribute to the existing knowledge in a systematic and scientific method is not only instilled into out students but is pioneered by our faculty. This is evident in the extensive research topics done by our faculty."

-Rev. Fr. Dr. L. Joji Reddy SJ

Vice Principal (PG)

Introduction | About research programs

Research programs are a way of life here at Loyola, more and more faculty are joining the trend. Numerous research topics have been contributed by the faculty in all the years of its existence, here are the ongoing ones:

  • 01
    Ms. R. Sindhu, from the M. B. A department, is doing a research in an innovative topic called 'Factors influencing training in select manufacturing companies in Hyderabad'.
  • 02
    Dr K. Vijaya Lakshmi, from the department of Maths, Statistics and Computer Science, is doing a crucial research on the topic 'Combinatorial Techniques for adv. Counting'.
  • 03
    Mr. A Ravinder, HOD of the department of Food Technology and Management, is doing a critical research on 'Breadfruit : Initiative for a gluten free future'.
  • 04
    Ms. Suchitra Naidu, from the B.Sc, Biotech, Chemistry & Genetics department, is doing a path-breaking research on 'Evaluation of anti­diabetic activity of cruide fraction of ichnocarpus frutescens, a medicinal plant using male wistar rats'.
  • 05
    Dr K. Shanthi, belonging to the Department of Agricultural Science & Rural Development, is researching an important topic called 'Study on vermicomposting of different Bio­degradable wastes & their influence on performance of Maize'.
  • 06
    Dr K. Aditya Kumar, also from the Department of Agricultural Science & Rural Development, is focussed on a research titled ' IQAC scheme of establishment & monitoring of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell scheme of establishment'.
  • 07
    Dr M. Jayaramudu, from the Department of Chemical Technology, is making breakthroughs with his research topic 'Synthesis of innovative biological relevance metal complexes as insulin enhancing drugs'.
  • 08
    Ms. P. Veena, from the Department of English, is all set enhance the impact of education in english by completing a research on the topic 'Curriculum design in English for vocational courses'.
  • 09
    Ms. Rachel Shalini, belonging to the M. B. A. department, is doing a paramount research in 'A study on the emerging trends in quality teaching in higher education with special reference to CPE colleges located in Hyderabad'.
  • 10
    Dr. Sonika Sharma, from the Organic Chemistry department, is doing a vital research on 'Advanced spectro-­analytical techniques'.
  • 11
    Ms. Anjani Kumari, from the Commerce department, is doing a compelling research on 'Emerging trends in commerce'.