The Department of Multimedia and Animation was set up at Loyola in 2008, and offers B. Sc. in Multimedia and Animation

"Animation is such a wonderful blend of technical knowledge and bombastic creativity. It is a joy to keep this department going."

- Mr. Sharath Chandra Raju KB

Head of Department

About Us | Who we are and what we do

Set up in the year 2008, the Department of Animation Design has since become one of the most popular in the Academy owing to the rarity of the under graduate Animation course and the comprehensive way we tackle it. Our aim is to train students in every technological advancement in the field of animation so that they can put their creativity to lucrative use.

Some key statistics for the Department of Animation Design:



we offer 1 UG course of 3 years in B.Sc Multimedia and Animation



with a cumulative experience of 67 years



hand-picked for their artistry and expressiveness



most of whom are creative animators

Admissions to our B.Com Computer course happens through the common Loyola admissions route.
Highlights | What makes us different

Multimedia and Animation is a burgeoning field that is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to portray visuals. In order to keep up, we ensure that our students gain as much of their expertise from outside the classroom as within. Here are a few things we do differently:

  • 01 Guest Lectures

    We invite industry experts in animation, photography, art design, graphic imagery, etc. to talk to our students on a regular basis.

  • 02 Workshops

    Practical workshops on trending techniques such as stop-motion, clay animation, clay modeling, etc are conducted by those at the top of their game.

  • 03 Industrial Tours

    Industrial visits to post-production houses and animation companies teach students about the professional scenario in their line.

Our students love their advanced computers with high speed internet and top notch animation software, and are often loath to get out of their comfortable AC lecture halls. Drop by for a visit.

Department Activities Report 2013-14 to 2019-20
Achievements | Major events in our journey

Our fantastic faculty doesn't rest on its laurels. They strive for new victories as much as they push their students towards the same. Here is how they succeed:

  • 2008

    Undergraduate course B.Sc.Multimedia and Animation started at Loyola Academy

  • 2009

    Seminar on “Sound for Animation” is conducted by the department, helped by Prof. Krishna Sankar Kusuma from Jamia Milla Islamia University

  • 2010
    1. B. Bhaskara Rao and R. Ravinder Singh, lecturers, are appointed as Subject Experts in Board of Studies of Animation Design Course at Osmania University
    2. Department gets a brand new animation lab with 80 computers running powerful image manipulation software such as AutoDesk MAYA
    3. Sai Gopal Vivek, a student, wins the Silver in 200M run event at Osmania University Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet

  • 2011

    Department arranges a clay modeling workshop, helmed by Mr. Vasudevarao, Art Director, Ramoji Film City

  • 2012

    Mr. B Bhaskara Rao, HOD, participates in a group exhibition organized by IconArt Gallery, Shilparamam, Salarjung Museum, and State Art Gallery at Biodiversity Summit, Hyderabad

  • 2013
    1. Surya Srikanth and Harish Chiruvella, students, win the 1st prize in two different categories at LENZCAPE, Department Of Mass Communication’s Annual Photography Festival
    2. Abhi Srinivasan, a student, finishes 4th in a sports event, at the BITS Open Sports Meet 2013, Pilani, Rajasthan

  • 2015

    Department arranges a clay modeling workshop, helmed by Mr. Vasudevarao, Art Director, Ramoji Film City

  • 2016

    Department arranges a clay modeling workshop, helmed by Mr. Vasudevarao, Art Director, Ramoji Film City

  • 2017
    1. The Department of B.Sc. multimedia and Animation conducted one day workshop on UI and UX design colleboration with UX Reactor
    2. Agreema gupta: participated in 54th national level inline hockey championship held at Kurukshetra. State level inline hockey championship gold medalist (2017-18).

  • 2018
    1. The Department of B.Sc. multimedia and Animation Design faculty and students participated in International Animation Day celebrations on 22nd Feb - 2018, Hyderabad.
    2. Mr. Bhaskara Rao. Botcha attended Art workshop and residency at Bhavnagar and Dungarpur, Ahmedabad.