The Department of MCA was set up at Loyola in 1993, and offers 1 course in Master of Computer Application.

"We achieve our high rate of success by providing high-quality education, not by burdening our students with meaningless coursework."

- Mrs. P. V. Naga Lakshmi

Head of Department (PG)

About Us | Who we are and what we do

Instituted in the year 1993, the computer applications department has since grown to emerge as one of the foremost centres of computer education in the state. We aim at cultivating our students’ critical, analytical, and problem solving capabilities to make them competitors to reckon with, in a highly competitive IT industry.

  • The First P.G. Course started in the year 1993-94.
  • Granted Autonomy in the year 2010-2011.
  • From its very inception, the department has grown to emerge as one of the foremost centers for computer education in the state.
  • To build quality into Learning through individual attention, well-delineated course material, focused examination patterns, the varied extracurricular activities, to deliver a holistic education where quality reigns supreme.
  • To provide quality education and necessary skills to groom the students into competent Computer Applications professional, readily acceptable to IT and other industry domains.
  • The Department aims at customizing the future of every student by nourishing his/her individual aspiration.
  • Transforming new entrants into IT- Professionals.
  • Developing critical, analytical and problem solving capabilities of the students.
  • Equip the students with basic knowledge and software tools to cope with ever new technical challenges.
  • To create quality professionals in the field of Computer Applications, who are confident and are employable.

The department strives to develop the students critical, analytical and problem solving capabilities in the most effective and efficient way. It equips the students with the basic knowledge and analytical tools to cope up with the most demanding situations that lie ahead in our constantly changing industrial environment.

Some key statistics for the Department of MCA:



we offer 1 PG course of 3 years for MCA - Master of Computer Applications



with a cumulative experience of 80 years



hand-picked for their technical bent of mind



most of whom are leaders in computer technology

Admissions to our MCA course happens through ICET counseling (70% quota) & common Loyola admissions route (30% Management Quota).
Highlights | What makes us different

Our comprehensive MCA course is augmented by several other initiatives made by the department to ensure holistic development of our students. Here is what we do differently:

  • 01 Project Tie-Ups With Industries

    We tie-up with prestigious organizations for a mandatory 15-week individual project that students must carry out in their final semester.

  • 02 Annual Seminars

    The computer applications department conducts several seminars at the city, state, and national levels, wherein academic and professional experts in the field are invited to speak.

  • 03 Orientation Programs

    Our orientation programs allow students to explore career possibilities and approach the one they are truly passionate about.

The excellent infrastructure in our department - including the MCA lab with two highly configured servers (Windows and Linux), the Cyber World, and a seminar hall with occupancy of 120 members – is as responsible for the department's excellence as our high-achieving staff and students. Drop by for a visit.

Department Activities Report 2012 to 2020
Achievements | Major events in our journey

The excellence of the department of computer application is all thanks to the dedication of our faculty and to the drive of our students. Here are some notable achievements:

  • 1993

    Postgraduate course MCA - Master of Computer Applications starts at Loyola Academy

  • 2005

    Department conducts “SANKALP 2005”, an inter-collegiate annual IT meet
    Department conducts Data Quest 2008 – a seminar on Database Administration

  • 2010
    1. Department is granted autonomy
    2. Y Upender and T Madhusudhan Reddy win 2nd prize in Technical Quiz event at BITS Narsampet, Warangal
    3. Syed Azhar and Jessica Xavier win the 1st prize for MegaMindz (IT Quiz) event at Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Informatics
    4. Department conducts TechnoVerge’10 for students of MCA, Computer Science, and Engineering

  • 2011

    Assoc. Professor Fr. A. Stanislaus, SJ, participates in the 23rd AIMS, Annual Management Education Convention 2011 held at Bhubaneswar, Orissa

  • 2012
    1. Lecturers Mrs. K. Bharathi and Mrs. G. Sirisha attend workshop on “Data Mining Using Weka Tool”
    2. The department organizes Techno Tonic’12, a 1-day technical event for MCA and Engineering students
    3. K. BalaKrishna, K. Anand Kumar, Sanyay, Ramesh Charry, C. Santosh, and Tejavardhan win 1st prize in the skit competition at “Resonance 2012”

  • 2013

    Mrs. P.V. Naga Lakshmi, publishes "Energy Efficient Strategies for Cooperative Multinational MAC protocol" in IJECS Vol. 2, issue 9

  • 2014
    1. Our HOD, Mrs. M. Geetha publishes "Primary Preservation of Sensitive Attributes using Hybrid Approach" in IJECS Vol. 3, issue 5
    2. Mrs. P.V Nagalakshmi and Mrs. M. Geetha add another feather to their cap by completing their M.Tech
    3. Mrs. K. Bharthi, lecturer, attends 5-day workshop on Advanced Application of Image & Video processing using MATLAB

  • 2015
    1. The Department of M.C.A. organized a guest lecture on “Start-ups and Entrepreneurship” on 10 July, 2015. Mr. Anil Atyam from Cloud Integrator Inc. Washington DC was the guest speaker.
    2. The Department of MCA organized a one day Technical Event “TechXplosion-2K15”think big explore big on 11 December, 2015.
    3. Mr. Prajwal Rai, Mr. Kiran Rai of DMCA, participated in “ATHENA’15”, National Level Technical Symposium organized by Department of Computer Applications at Vasavi College of Engineering on 7 March, 2015.
    4. Ms. P.V. Nagalakshmi, Ms. S. Hemalatha from the Department of MCA participated in the Faculty Development Programme on “Java Technovation” organized by the Department of Science at Aurora’s Degree & PG College on 7 February, 2015.

  • 2016
    1. Mrs Dr.K.Vijaya lakshmi , Director of MCA was a member of Board of studies in mathematics under the faculty of science, OU in 2016.
    2. Mrs. G.Anitha Mary faculty member, published a paper on “Protein sequences alignment analysis using GPU accelerated based tools for Human Genome” December 2016.
    3. MCA students(girls) participated in International girls in ICT day from Loyola college on 28th April 2016 which was conducted at State bank Staff College.
    4. MCA students participated and won prizes in IT event ‘Abhyasa’ of Aurora PG college Ramanthapur Hyderabad was conducted on 19th ,March 2016 .

  • 2017
    1. The Department of MCA organized a one day state level Faculty Development Program on “Research Process, Publications, Evaluation and Challenges in Research” on 21st Oct, 2017. Dr. Salman Abdul Moiz, Associate Professor, School of Computers and Information Science, University of Hyderabad was the Chief Speaker.
    2. The department has organized many Guest Lectures like “PC Hardware and Maintenance” , “Interview Skills”, “NP-Hard and NP-Complete”, “Class Templates and Function Templates”, “OOSD Case Study”, “Latest Trends in Networking and Security Technologies” by eminent speakers from Industry and Academicians from various colleges.
    3. The Department has organized its annual Technical Event “Technotsav ‘2017” A journey from dreams to wonders on 21st Feb 2017 for the students of Information Technology in and around the twin city. The theme was Internet of things, Mrs. Bhavani Anireddy Scientist-E , DLRL,DRDO was the Speaker. Many formal and informal events were organized.
    4. The students of MCA participated in IT Fest TechNoid organized by computer science & Engineering Department of Loyola Degree College, Old Alwal. The Students Gopinath Vamshi, being honoured as First Rank Holder and K. Rakesh Reddy has won First prize in Quiz.

  • 2018
    1. The department of MCA has organized a two day National Seminar on " LOYOLA ACADEMY NATIONAL SEMINAR ON ANALYTICS” on 16 November 2018 and 17 November 2018 on the occasion of 25th silver jubilee of the MCA department in Loyola Academy.
    2. Mrs. P.V.Naga Lakshmi has attended a Faculty Development Programme on “Data Analytics with R” organized by E & ICT Academy, National Institute of Technology &science, Shaikpet, Hyderabad from 30th April to 5th May 2018.
    3. Mrs. G. Anitha Mary has published a paper in “International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science (IJARCS)” on “Identification of Hotspot in Protain Sequences Using CPNR & DWT” which has been held from May- June 2018.
    4. Mrs. P.S.R.Malathi has attended a Five Day Short Term Training Program on “Applied Cryptography &Security Mechanisms” organized by VNR Vignola Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, in collaboration with CSI from 03rd to 08th December, 2018.
    5. Mrs. P.V.Naga Lakshmi, Mrs. G.Anitha Mary and Mrs. G.Sirisha have attended a Faculty Development Program on “Building a Virtual Learning Environment” organized by Little Flower College, Uppal, Hyderabad on 19th Dec 2018.

  • 2019
    1. Mrs. G.Sirisha has participated in one day National Workshop on “ Online AQAR :An ICT Integrated Approach for Quality in HEIs” organized by IQAC , St.Pious X Degree & PG College for Women, Nacharam, Hyderabad on 9th March 2019.
    2. Mrs. K. Bharathi has attended a Six Day Faculty Development Programme on “Machine Learning Techniques for Image Processing and Computer Vision” organized by E & ICT Academy, CSE Dept, NIT Warangal from 6th to 11th May 2019.
    3. Mrs. K. Bharathi, Mrs. P. S. R. Malathi have attended a Six Day Faculty Development Programme on “Machine Learning using Python & R Programming” organized by Narsimha Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad from 8th to 13th July 2019.
    4. Mrs. P. V. Naga Lakshmi, G. Anitha Mary have attended a Two Day Faculty Development Programme on “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” organized by St. Ann’s College for Women, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad from 7th & 8th Aug 2019.
    5. Mrs. K. Bharathi, Mrs. P. V. Naga Lakshmi have attended a Twelve Days Faculty Development programme on “Data Science and Analytics” organized by AICTE, Hyderabad from 9th Dec to 21st Dec 2019.
  • 2020
    1. Mrs. G. Sirisha has attended a Four Day Faculty Development programme on “Natural Language Processing” from 6th to 10th Jan 2020.
    2. Mrs. K. Bharathi, Mrs. P. V. Naga Lakshmi, G. Anitha Mary have attended a One Day Faculty Development programme on “Research Methodology” on 28th Jan 2020.
    3. Mrs.P.S.R.Malathi, Mrs.P.Vandana have attended a two day Faculty Development programme on “IOT workshop” from 6th & 7th Feb 2020.
    4. Mrs. K. Bharathi, Mrs. P. V. Naga Lakshmi, G. Anitha Mary, Mrs. P. S. R. Malathi, Mrs. P. Vandana, Mrs. G. Sirisha have attended a two day Faculty Development programme on “Moodle” on 14th & 15th Feb 2020.
    5. Mrs. G. Sirisha has attended a One Day Faculty Development programme on “Leadership building and Professionalism at Work place” on 19th July 2019.
    6. Mrs. K. Bharathi has completed “My Sql” NPTEL course on 2nd Nov 2019.
    7. Mrs. K. Bharathi has completed “Data Science for Engineers” NPTEL course from July-Sep 2019.
    8. Mrs. K. Bharathi has completed “Python for Data Science “ NPTEL course from July-Sep 2019.