The Department of Computer Systems & Engineering was set up at Loyola in 1994, and offers 1 course.

"We constantly push our students to think in new ways. They constantly keep us on our feet."

- Mr. V. Harsha Shastri

Head of the Department

About Us | Who we are and what we do

The Department of Computer Systems & Engineering was started in the academic year of 1994-95. We focus as much on technical competence as we do on social and communication skills. Our students master these with flying colours. Just ask our annual placement reports.

Some key statistics for the Department of Computer Systems & Engineering:



We offer 1 UG course of 3 years



With a cumulative experience of 60 years



Hand-picked because they love overhauling computers



Most of whom are technical advisers to computer engineers

Admissions to our courses happen through the common Loyola admissions route.

Highlights | What makes us different

The course we provide serves a specific job-oriented purpose. Hence we make sure that all our teaching aids and curricula are always on par with industry standards. Here are some ways we keep ourselves on the cutting edge:

  1. 01 Constantly-Upgraded Syllabi

    The industry we target is one of the most dynamic in today’s times. We meet this imperative to keep up-to-date by revising our syllabus with great frequency.

  2. 02 Action-Backed Teaching

    We include equal amounts of theoretical and practical teaching in our curriculum, acknowledging that practice makes perfect and that our students learn much more from a Do-It-Yourself approach.

  3. 03 Annual Internships

    Students are required to undergo On-Job Training thrice during the course – every summer vacation for all three years.

With a total of 6 highly specialized laboratories, we are able to give our students the practical expertise of a professional. We train our students to be as confident as competent. No wonder the demand for our course only gets higher.

Department Activities Report 2012-13 to 2019-20
Achievements | The big events in our journey

Our top-notch faculty and bright students have a constant habit of making us proud. Here are just a few instances:

  • 1994

    B. Sc. (Computer Maintenance) is established in Loyola Academy

  • 2005

    Vyas and Kartik of year III bag the 1st prize at state-level quiz competition held at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada

  • 2006

    The department of Computer Maintenance conducts one-day seminar titled “IT Venture”

  • 2007

    Two inter-disciplinary elective courses were added to the course, namely - Industrial Entrepreneurship & Principles of Accounting.

  • 2008

    Two seminars titled “TECHZONE – 2008” and “TECH VENTURE” were conducted, focussing on innovation in computer hardware, software, and networking.

  • 2012
    1. The department conducts a hardware exhibition titled ‘Momentum 2012’
    2. Student S. Sandeep Kumar participates in LENOVO PROJECT CONTEST, & makes it to the top 10, with a project based on cloud computing

  • 2013
    1. Lecturer A. Lourdu Rajini Kumari participates in a two-day national workshop on “Research opportunities in Computer Science and IT” organized by Department of IT, CBIT
    2. Conducted guest lectures on Advanced Data Base concepts and current IT dynamics

  • 2014

    Conducted a one-day seminar "Techno Vision", focussing on latest technological trends (with topics such as cloud computing) in the industry and on Personality Development

  • 2015

    The Department of Computer Systems and Engineering along with Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a guest lecture on “Parallel Computing Architecture” on 11 September, 2015