The Department of Electronics Technology was set up at Loyola in 1991, and offers B.Sc Electronics Technology.

"We don’t aim to meet the cutting-edge. We are the cutting-edge."

- Dr. Shakira Sultana

Head of the Department

About Us | Who we are and what we do

The Department of Electronics Technology began in the year 1991 to meet the burgeoning demand in the field of Electronics and Communication. Our department is approached by some of the best companies to fill their talent pools.

Some key statistics for the Department of Electronics Technology:



We offer 1 UG course of 3 years on B.Sc Electronics Technology



With a cumulative experience of 70 years



Hand-picked for their prowess in electronics



Most of whom develop voguish gadgets

Admissions to our B.Sc. in Electronics Technology course happens through the common Loyola admissions route.

Highlights | What makes us different

We aim at providing our students with the most comprehensive training to allow them to attract lucrative careers. Working in sync with industry leaders to train students is just one way how we accomplish it:

  1. 01 The PROBE Method

    Students are presented with mathematical problems that contain concepts to be taught within them. The students and the teacher work together to solve these, thus firmly embedding these concepts in their minds.

  2. 02 Inter-Disciplinary Electives

    These include courses in Television Engineering, Embedded ‘C’ and Home Appliances Repair, which give our students the opportunity to brush-up on extra skills of their own choice.

  3. 03 Mini Projects

    These projects are marked along with being a fun way to give students autonomy when learning. The results are telling.

  4. 04 Major Projects

    As part of the B.Sc. Electronics Technology curriculum, students do projects related to communication systems in general and embedded systems at large to complete their degree.

We conduct national conferences, seminars, and state-level quizzes to allow our students to not only meet and compete with their peers, but also so that they can listen to the ideas of some of the biggest names in the game.

Department Activities Report 2014-15 to 2019-20
Achievements | Major events in our journey

The Department of Electronics Technology is always buzzing with activity. Here’s what our bunch of energetic people has been upto:

  • 1991

    B.Sc. Electronics Technology is established in Loyola Academy

  • 2005

    Swetha of III Year wins Rolling Cup from Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada for her paper presentation

  • 2006

    An exhibition ‘E-Gyan’ organized by students of Electronics Technology in which they display own projects. Various schools and colleges invited

  • 2007

    The departments of Electronics Technology, Chemical Technology, and Agricultural Science & Rural Development arrange a talk on General Awareness of Health by Dr. Laxman Rao, MD, Gandhi Medical College

  • 2008

    A 3-day workshop titled 'ELUCIDATE - the embedded world' is organized by the department

  • 2011

    Department organizes “Lab to School” program every year wherein the students of Loyola exhibit physical science projects to government school children

  • 2013

    Ms. K. Rama received best paper award at an international conference held at Gurunanak Engineering College on the 8th & 9th August 2013

  • 2014

    Six student projects are selected at an international conference held at Kakatiya University on March 28th & 29th, 2014

  • 2015

    The Department is conducting a certificate course on “Mechatronics” for various disciplines as part of UGC Career Oriented Courses

  • 2016

    The department faculty were involved in research and published a number of papers in major journals.

  • 2017

    1. "INNOVATION 2K17" A project exhibition was conducted by the department. The 2nd & 3rd year students displayed their Minor & Major Project Models. It attracted various school & college students.

    2. The department conducted Industry Visit, Workshop & Internship with in-house projects.