The Department of Mathematics was set up at Loyola in 2007, and offers B. Sc Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

"It feels nice to work at a department where staff and students strive for the same goal; academic excellence."

- Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi

Head of Department

About Us | Who we are and what we do

The inter-disciplinary department of Mathematics (Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science) was set up in the year 2007 to give students an opportunity to study mathematics in association with the more employment-friendly fields of statistics and computer science.

Some key statistics for the Department of Mathematics (Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science):



we offer 1 UG course of 3 years in B.Sc Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science



with a cumulative experience of 100 years



hand-picked for their exceptional intellect



most of whom concoct new algorithms

Admissions to our B.Sc Mathematics course happens through the common Loyola admissions route.
Highlights | What makes us different

The department aims at providing students with a course that is as specialized as it is general, allowing them access to a plethora of study and work opportunities after graduation. Here are a few things that we do differently:

  • 01 Mathematics Lab

    The specialized mathematics laboratory contains 60 computers equipped with latest computing and learning aids like Mathematica, Matlab, etc, along with a variety of statistical software.

  • 02 Math 'Zine

    Math 'Zine is a venture by our students to inculcate an interest in mathematics amongst the students of the Academy.

  • 03 Corporate Projects

    Students are required to undertake major projects in all three fields during their final year. They work under approved public and private enterprises, in areas such as statistical analysis, mathematical group theory, and computer languages.

Our excellent infrastructure - the mathematics labs, a library sponsored by the National Board of Higher Mathematics, and internet labs – is as immersive as it is impressive. Drop by for a visit.

Department Reports for the Academic Year 2013-2018
Achievements | Major events in our journey

Our students have always made it easy for us to put in the extra effort to make this department top-notch. A few notable achievements:

  • 2007

    Undergraduate course B.Sc. Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science starts at Loyola Academy

  • 2008

    The department conducts a workshop titled “AN APPROACH TO MATHEMATICS-2008”

  • 2010
    1. Our students visit ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) Bangalore
    2. Shweta Tiwari, G. Raviteja, M. Vijay Kumar, and Lincy Dcruz participate in a workshop titled “Initiation into Mathematics” at Hyderabad Central University

  • 2012
    1. Rohini, a student, wins 2nd prize in Brain Storm Quiz conducted by Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree & P. G. College, Secunderabad
    2. Rohini, a student, wins 2nd prize in Brain Storm Quiz conducted by Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree & P. G. College, Secunderabad
    3. Dr. K Vijayalakshmi is invited to give extension lectures on “Completion of Metric Spaces” and “Cauchy’s theorem” at St. Francis College, Hyderabad
  • 2013
    1. Urimi Swathi, a student, is selected for Mathematics Training and Talent Search Program, funded by NBHM, Punjab University, Chandigarh
    2. Our lecturer Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi publishes a research article titled “Properties of Semi-Primitive Roots” in IOSR Journal of Mathematics

  • 2015

    The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science organized a one day seminar on “Applications of Mathematics” on 22 August, 2015 and Dr. Kishore Kumar was the guest speaker.